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I am a certified Rolfer from the European Rolfing Association with over 11 years Rolfing experience in a clinical practice. I has extensive technical expertise in anatomy, physiology, psychology, movement practice and postural realignment. I treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints including backache, neck pain, pregnancy related pains, all types of joint or muscle injuries alongside sporting injures. I have worked with clients to address issues related to trauma, car accidents, post – operative pain, sports injuries repetitive strain injury and habitual bad posture.

I use a combination of therapies that work to release pain in the body. By working through the connective tissue, the nervous system and by using techniques that release physical and emotional trauma, the body can restore itself to its natural healthy state.

Rolfing Massage

Traditional Rolfing massage works on the connective tissue of the body. If, for example, you hurt your back, the body may tighten the connective tissue to create the stability lost through the back injury. If the connective tissue is not relaxed again movement becomes impaired. Rolfing frees up the connective tissue, releasing the back pain and allowing the body to return to its natural comfortable state.

Rolfing – Gentle panel beating for your body.

My first baby was induced and weighed 10lbs. The hard birth did not surprise me but the sensation after the birth did, feeling like I had been hit by a bus on both sides. My thoughts afterwards consisted of can I crawl under a rock somewhere for a while... As there were fertility issues on both sides of the family, we thought if we wanted no. 2 we had better get on with it.

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Some recent testimonials...

F. Halligan, Nurse

After the birth of my daughter, for 15 months I’ve endured pain, especially in my back. After many specialists I came to Rolfing. In one session I noticed significant freedom to be able to walk and stand and keep up with my toddler.

Anne, age 60, Psychologist

Rolfing relieved my chronic hip and back pain. Before that I had tried physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and osteopathy. While the other methods gave me temporary relief, Rolfing combined with some strengthening techniques means that I am once again pain free.

C. Pepper, Kells, Co.Meath

I played rugby for years and collected a number of injuries which left me with shoulder and back pain. After receiving Rolfing I now have no pain, and I’m able to enjoy sports again.

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The right way to do a hamstring stretch...

Hamstring stretches for better posture.

What Rolfing Can Do for You from Len Worley

Clients talk about their experience of Rolfing with leading U.S. rolfer Len Worley

Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Peter A. Levine

“Trauma is a fact of life, it does not, however, have to be a life sentence. ” Peter A. Levine

When the nervous system is overwhelmed, whether by long-term stress or trauma, the body can get stuck, holding pain and reducing movement. Rolfing gently and powerfully releases trauma caught in the body. By working through the body, Rolfing can bypass the critical part of the brain and reach the emotion that needs to be released.

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How Rolfing can help Runners

“Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strain and overuse. Rolfing supports structural realignment for greater efficiency of movement and more precise movement.” – Dr. Karl Ullis, Olympic Physician

Read the Guardian's article on rolfing for runners

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