painful treatment

Pain – when the treatment hurts more than the injury

Many of use have injured ourselves at some point in our lives, broken a bone or thrown our backs out.

Personally for me it was back pain, a combination of standing for long work hours and stress would mean that I would regularly be in a lot of pain. Those of you who have back pain will understand the crippling, nauseating relentless pain, the kind of pain that strong pills only take the edge off.

At that time I used to go to a chiropractor that, initially I found very successful. But for me, my problems were caused by muscles, not bones and the trips to the chiropractor became nightmarish. It wasn’t working for me. It took several painful sessions for me to realise that I was feeling worse after the treatments than before I went.

The anxiety of the bus trips to and from the sessions is not something I will forget.

Anxiety around treating injuries is something Caitriona comes across quite often.

Luckily for her patients Caitriona, like all Rolfers, practice a really gentle therapy. Through a process of fascial release unknots our muscles. She likens the practice as similar to “panel beating” it un-kinks the fascia that holds the shape of our posture, re-balancing, allowing freer movement. Working on painful muscles, postural problems from accumulated bad posture and limited flexibility Rolfing offers a solution which can free up joints and reduce pain.

So if you have been suffering from restrictions or pain for some period of time consider a session of Rolfing with Caitriona. It could mean a pain free 2017.