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Nerve pain and numbness

Do you suffer from pins and needles in your arms or legs. After having an operation did you experience coldness around the operation site or numbness?

Often time in the carrying out of routine procedures post op the patient is left having numb, cold or pins and needles around the operation site or along the nerve pathways feeding the area. This can be quite disconcerting as the hope was that the operation would remedy the problem not leave the patient with more.

A reason for this can be that the nerves were irritated or damaged during the procedure. But this can be soothed. Gentle work along the nerve pathways can ease the discomfort through the nerve pathways allowing them to work more smoothly and seamlessly as T Behan shared:

ā€œI had a by pass and though the operation was a success and I felt much better I was left with a tingling numb sensation along one of my sides. I sometimes woke at night with it. I found it distressing as I had hoped that the operation would remedy my problems not create new ones.ā€

Working along the nerve pathways we can create ease through the nervous system and allow it to settle again lessening the irritation and allowing it to relax back thus significantly reducing the symptoms.