pregnancy rolfing

Rolfing – Gentle panel beating for your body.

My first baby was induced and weighed 10lbs. The hard birth did not surprise me but the sensation after the birth did, feeling like I had been hit by a bus on both sides. My thoughts afterwards consisted of can I crawl under a rock somewhere for a while... As there were fertility issues on both sides of the family, we thought if we wanted no. 2 we had better get on with it. Now I was lucky enough to be a newly qualified Rolfer at the time and a year after qualifying we go back to class for a week to review of our first year. Over this week our teacher picked me repeatedly to demonstrate work on. It honestly became a bit embarrassing. With hindsight I think he could see that I needed a bit of putting back together post pregnancy & birth.

He gently but firmly held my abdominals allowing my tummy to almost fold back together again. He worked all around my hips, head neck and shoulders which allowed me to sit up straight after my first 6 months of breast feeding.

It was only when sitting in the pre natal course I realised what a gift this help had been as I listened to the women around me say “Its 5 years since my last baby because I had such a hard time. “Its 3 years since my last baby because I had such a hard time” a little embarrassed I said its 18 months since my last baby.

After he was born, all 9lbs 7oz of him a colleague came to visit me, she took one look at me and asked, where is your table? I said the attic and bundle in my arms we went up and she once again helped to put me back together.

My only way to describe the difference this made is that each time I got work done post birth I felt back to myself again and the interesting bit is that each time before I got it I did not know I was not together...Only after coming together did know I was back together. My third was induced and within 3 hours he came like a bullet train all 10lbs 3ozs of him. I ended up in surgery after the birth. I left the hospital feeling like I had done 10 rounds with Mahammed Ali and I had lost every round.

Again my dear colleague came to see me a couple of times and again helped me to come back together. Over the years I have seen many women who post birth have needed a little help in coming back together. Often the body just needs a bit of guidance in how to fit together again. We leave the maternity hospital with a pulse and are told we are fine but really after undertaking one of the biggest jobs of outlives I think that often times a little more support is needed, If you would like to contact me for further information please contact (087 7986637)